Toronto Star Mini Review

The Cocksure Lads

3 stars

Starring Lyndon Ogbourne, Adam McNab. Written and directed by Murray Foster. 96 minutes. Opens Friday at the Carlton Cinema. PG

Murray Foster is clearly a serious anglophile.

(Well, perhaps “serious” isn’t the right word.)

How else to explain The Cocksure Lads, a musical comedy about a four-man British retro-pop band, who arrive in Toronto for their first North American gig hoping to become “wildly rich and famous”?

The film is the brainchild of Foster, a bass player for Great Big Sea who, along with Mike Foster — both of the defunct Toronto band, Moxy Fruvous — have put together a slew of toe-tapping tunes to accompany Foster’s screenplay about four fairly daft lads from over the pond who spend a day in the city fighting, drinking and chasing women, with varying degrees of success.

The dialogue is festooned with lots of Brit-isms such as “wanker,” “bollocks” and “wellies” (rubber boots that drummer Blakey, played by Edward Hillier, likes to wear in the bath.) There’s even a song called “Mushy Peas.”

The day starts off with a big to-do when lead singer, Dusty Fosterboard (Lyndon Ogbourne), demands 50 per cent of the band’s earnings and abruptly quits — jeopardizing their impending performance.

The film is engaging and well-cast and Peter Higginson is delightfully understated as the band’s aged and world-weary retainer, Monty.

Bruce DeMara


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