Unreality TV – Emmerdale’s Lyndon Ogbourne talks new movie Cocksure Lads & ITV return!

unreality-primetimeLyndon Ogbourne plays Dusty, the lead singer of The Cocksure Lads. He is best known for his role as badboy Nathan Wylde in the UK soap opera Emmerdale.

He recently sat down with Unreality TV to discuss The Cocksure Lads Movie:

“Discussing his character, and the plot of the film, Lyndon told us: “It is called The Cocksure lads and it is about a Northern based band.  It is a modern day film but the band are a Mod kind of group, very styled, fun  and up-beat, a bit like The Beatles and The Monkees.

“The character I play is called Dusty, he is originally from just outside Leeds but has recently moved to Newcastle where he met all of his band mates.

“Dusty is a bit of a lout, a bit of an a*******, which is the sort of characters I always seem to play (laughs) but despite being a bit of a nightmare he is the lead singer of this band.

“We get this opportunity to fly out to Toronto to try and make it big and crack the Canadian market – Which I didn’t actually realise but loads of bands in the past have actually gone to Canada to try and make it big, it is sort of a testing ground for English bands, which I had no idea was the case.  Even now bands still go there, it is such an incredible place!”

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