World Premiere – Whistler Film Festival

THE COCKSURE LADS MOVIE made it’s official World Premiere at the Whistler Film Festival on December 6, 2014. The weekend was a huge success, attended by many from our production team as well as actors Lyndon Ogbourne, Luke Marty, Edward Hillier and John Fray. We also had investors and backers along for the ride. It was a huge testimonial to the strength of our community to have so many people join us. Special thanks to our Cocksure Lasses Robin Binny Neil, Helen Gilbert, and Freda Whittle (all the way from the UK!) who worked tirelessly to spread the word throughout the Village! At the festival, we participated in a first-time director’s panel on fundraising on Friday afternoon, and then our 3 Cocksure Lads and the production spent most of our time speaking with the press including a segment with ET Canada, an Elle photo shoot, and a live interview on Mountain FM. Some highlights: Playback eFilmCritic Globe & Mail Our red carpet premiere was held on Saturday night, followed by a Q&A and an after-party with a performance from the lads. Check out the photos below!

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